“Miilan Limited” is a not for profit organisation, which was established in September 2016 by Robert (Bob) Brown. Bob firmly believes the time is now to address the wrongs of the past, as the descendents of settlers have different social attitudes to those of their ancestors. Bob also believes that Corporate Australia has a good social conscience and a belief in justice. Many are willing to work together to bring about better days and brighter tomorrows for Indigenous people.

Miilan was established for the benefit of Indigenous people to address Housing, Health, Education, Employment, Training and Business Development. Miilan is a family focused company that will work to secure home ownership through its rent to own program, as well as addressing the above objectives.

Bob’s passion for social outcomes extends from his teaching and nurturing coming from his father Robert Joseph Golden-Brown. Robert Snr was the first Indigenous Australian to be appointed a Justice of the Peace, hold the position of manager of a Government Community as distinct to a church controlled mission, and later served the community with distinction as a magistrate.

Our Mission


Think Big. Act Bigger.