I born in the year of 1942. The war years had a profound effect on the nation of Australia. For Aboriginal people who lived on the fringe’s society life was especially difficult, We were a people lost in our own country. I am happy and contented with my Aboriginal heritage. I am especially proud of my parent’s. I am just as happy and contented with my Irish and Chinese heritage. My parent’s made sure I knew about my entire background. I never got to experience my Irish or Chinese heritage as I lived my life among my mob.

I recall my early years as a child moving from place to place as dad looked for work. He was a saw doctor who found work from time to time in the timber industry. We were on the move from place to place with dad getting work where ever he could.. Dad became good at building bark shelters on the edge of town. On other occasions we lived in whatever shelter was available. On one occasion we lived in a cave on the banks of the Shoalhaven River.

After the war, the late forties and fifties were hard years. Australia as a nation experienced economical recovery. Aboriginal people however remained on the fringes of society, and still do. Aboriginal men who fought in the war came home only to find they had no rights, they had no citizenship they were not allowed into many places including RSL clubs. The freedoms they fought for were not available to them.

Childhood has a way of leaving an impress on ones soul that finds expression later in life. Growing up without a place to call home is one of the reasons why I created Miilan Limited. Our vision will make home ownership a reality for many Aboriginal families through our rent to own housing project.

Miilan is committed to housing, health, education, training, employment and business development. It is time for the mob to vacate the fringes of society for good. It is time to leave the past and live in the NOW. It is time for the hand out system to end. While ever we rely on government handouts we will always be enslaved to this cursed system, where we will never have or know true freedom.

Miilan is a Wiradjuri word meaning “The first ray of a new day” In essence that is Miilan. A new day is dawning with new homes, new opportunities, new jobs, new business and new hope for the future.


It Is Time For The Hand Out System To End.